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                          • Category Name: 3.Plate Rolling Machine
                          • product name: W11 3-roller symmetrical rolling machine

                          • Detail:I.Machine usage rangeThis device is three rollers symmetrical mechanical rolling machine. It is used toBend steel into drums shape with different diameters. And it is widely used in boiler industry, chemical industry, mine industry, buildin...
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                          • product name: W11S 3 Roller Universal Hydraulic Plate rolling machine

                          • Detail:Ⅰ. Summarize:This machine used to coil plate into different sharps such as cylindrical form, conic form and arc, it adopted Japan hydraulic technical.Top roll can do vertical and level motion, up and down, parallel translation is display.Th...
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                          • product name: W12 Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine

                          • Detail:I.Main technical parameter MODELW12-12*3000 Maximum width of bending plate3000mm Maximum thickness of bending plate 12mm Maximum thickness of pre-bending9mm Diameter of upper rollerФ300mm Diameter of bottom rollerФ270mm Diameter of side rol...
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