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                        • product name: W12 Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine
                        • Product number:3

                          I.Main technical parameter



                           Maximum width of bending plate


                           Maximum thickness of bending plate 


                           Maximum thickness of pre-bending


                           Diameter of upper roller


                           Diameter of bottom roller


                           Diameter of side roller


                            Yield stress of plate

                          245 MPA

                            Min diameter when full loading

                          About Ф360mm

                            Plate bending speed


                           Main drive



                          As the customer required










                          Remark: please check the above information to make sure we quote the right machine. The yield stress of your plate is very important,because it is related to the selection of machine model. Besides,please also check the minimum inside diameter and pre-bending thickness to avoid possible mistakes. Thanks.

                          II.The main structure of the device
                          The device can pre-bend the sides of plate,feed steel plate just one time,don’t need to return can to pre-bend the sides of plate,and roll the plate. The up roller is the main drive roller,the down rollers and side roller use hydraulic drive to do elevate movement. And controlled by computer to up or down,horizontal adjust automatic,show by screen,the synchromesh accuracy attached ±0.2mm. Turnover and resume of flip-bearing used hydraulic to drive. Installed balance system on the ends of up roller,so it’s easy to unload workpiece. Adopt mobile independence operator table,so can operator at any time and any place,the machine has safety interlock device. For a world it has high technology,overall function,high accuracy and easy to operator. So it’s the model rolling machine,it’s the first choice in energy,transport,fossil oil,chemical,shipbuilding,steel and some other industries.
                          This machine composed of four working rollers,left and right rack of machine,base board,rolling rhombus tube function,turnover part,device part,sensor part,hydraulic system,electrical system and so on.

                          i.Mechanical part
                          Working roller is the main spare of the device. And the material choice steel 42CrMo,and stand some standards very serious to make it. Then can ensure the comprehensive mechanical performance.
                          The base board and rock as the main parts of device,use wield structure. Do anneal treatment comply with arts standard,this can eliminate internal stress,so it has enough strength and steel performance. It can work on full load state.
                          Up roller is the main drive roller,the motor work with the help of gear box to drive it. The output spindle of motor installed braking device,so it can ensure fixed position accuracy. All above these ensure the whole body has enough strength,the main joints connector with key and melt,so it’s easy to install and repair.
                          The down roller and two side rollers do elevate movement drive by the ends oil vat. The ends bearings use axis adjustable roller bearings. Elevating
                          synchronization controlled by computer. The turnover side of up roller installed turnover oil vat,the ends of up roller installed balance mechanism,so it’s easy to unload the workpiece.

                          ii.Hydraulic system
                          The hydraulic system of this device has the following functions: drive oil vat do elevating movement,drive the sides rollers do inclined elevating movement,and drive the turnover oil vat do elevating movement.
                          With the help of electrical liquid commutate valve to control the down rollers to do elevating movement and the sides rollers to do inclined elevating movement. So the working rollers can stop on arbitrary position.
                          The circuit of turnover oil vat installed one-way throttle valve,it can adjust the speed of executive mechanism.
                          The hydraulic system design reasonable,work good and allocate high accuracy filter to ensure oil clear. The system pipeline arrange regularity,operator easy,act flexibility. All above these ensure the system no percolation.
                          The main valves of hydraulic system choose from Taiwan. The pump,filter,motor and seal element choose from native and foreign famous company,so all these have high performance and quality. All components done test,sift,lower the breakdown do our best.

                          iii.Electrical system
                          Electrical system display by touch screen and adopts Omron product(includes input and output models. this system has some advantages as the example high ability to prevent interference,long life,prevent shock,work  steady and so on.
                          Sensor adopts high accuracy optical encoder to ensure position accuracy and monitor the position of all rollers. The main components of high voltage part adopt SIMENS products or some foreign products. So it’s has some advantages like as long life,no breakdown time long.
                          B.The function of control system
                          a)Automatic control working rollers do synchronization movement
                          Control the down roller elevating synchronization,the accuracy attached ±0.2mm.
                          Control two side rollers elevating synchronization,the accuracy attached ±0.2mm
                          b)Show all actual time data and information of rolling plate.
                          Two ends absolutely position show at real time of down roller.
                          Two ends absolutely position show at real time of side rollers.
                          The ends gradient show at real time of down roller
                          The ends gradient show at real time of sides rollers
                          c)The control system provide alarm message,it’s help to do some cooperate and maintain.

                          III.Main characters of the device
                          i.This machine is four rollers rolling machine controlled by computer. It can pr-bend the ends of plate,
                          feed plate and don’t return. So it pr-bend the ends of plate and roll shape just one time.
                          ii.The four working rollers do forge and material treatment,HB220~260,combination mechanical
                          performance is good,the strength is high,friction endurance is high,so it suit high load work and have long life.
                          iii.The work roller end bearing adopt roller bearing,so it has small friction coefficient,decrease reactive
                          power loss,reduce energy consumption.
                          iv.Lifting move of bottom roller and sides rollers controlled by computer,automatic leveling,show as
                          figure at the same time. The synchronized precision ±0.2mm. Plate bending high-precision,easy to use
                          v.This machine has removable console,the operator more convenient to use,touch-screen display the
                          location of three work rollers,so that the operator at a glance. 
                          vi.The machine control system using Japan‘s OMRON intelligent high-speed PLC programmable logic
                          controller,the system has a fault diagnosis,intelligent judge error,machine tool parts of the monitoring,processing logic,memory,such as power protection; the system with anti-jamming capability Strong,long service life,earthquake,etc. stable.
                          vii.The sensors of bottom and side rollers has high accuracy ,to ensure position accuracy and monitor
                          the roller position.
                          viii.The components choose from SIMENS of the strong power part. So it has some advantages,long 
                          life,trouble-free for a long time,and so on.
                          ix.The valve block of hydraulic system are selected from north-Taiwan Seiki products.
                          This valve block has some advantages,over-charge is big,a small resistance and pressure,hot loss is small,so the function is reliable.
                          x.Hydraulic pipe joint use of new technologies used in the metallurgical and mining equipment joint
                          fast,reliable connection to the radial seal to ensure that the equipment in the hydraulic system does not work in oil.
                          xi.Hydraulic suction system has oil back and oil filter to ensure the system clean ,and has air filter to
                          ensure the fuel tank normal respiration and evaporation of water. there is a two-channel safety protect devices in the system to ensure normal use of equipment

                          IV.The standards
                          i.JB/T3185.1-1999<< small and medium-sized three-roll machine technology >>
                          ii.JB/T8796-1998 <Machine Precision>>
                          iii.JB/T1829-1997 <<mechanical forging common technical requirements>>

                          V.Main components list

                          Component name




                           Double-row self-aligning bearing


                           Wafang gears group

                          Work rollers






                           Nanjing Iron and Steel Group

                          Base borad and side brackets



                          Produce arts

                           Welded structure,stress handling,cnc boring and milling machine



                          Gear box


                           Hardned cylindrical gear reducer


                           Jiangsu Guomao/Jiangsu Taixing


                          Main Motor

                           YZR motor,Wuxi Hongtai

                          Electric system

                          Main electric components

                           Suzhou electric components

                          Displacement sensor

                           Jin shan men

                          Touch screen

                           Touch win (Canada)



                          Hydraulic system

                          Hydraulic pump


                           Gear pump


                           Hefei Changyuan



                          Main oil pump

                           Cylinder and piston rod

                           45# steel,heatment treatment HRC 48-50


                           Jiangsu Jiujiu/Jiangsu Sangpu

                           Main oil pump seals

                           Yx series


                           Taiwan Dingji

                          VI.Supply range and packing
                          A.Up and bottom and side rollers devices,main motor device,balance device,rack of machine,cone-rolled parts,feeding table,support parts and so on.
                          B.Lubrication system
                          C.Electrical control system(electrical cupboard,hold button and so on)
                          D.Lubricating system
                          E.Components related to the total device
                          F.Spare parts provide by the device(as like sealing element and so on)
                          G.Technical files provide by machine
                          a.Install drawing,electronic drawing,reference,certificate,container loading list.
                          b.Inspection of material,report of heat treatment,material machine test and so on.
                          G.Packing,protect: According to the concrete conditions of components,tack some measures to prevent damage during transport,load and unload. 
                          Spares list:



                           Foot screw

                          1 set

                           Hexagon wrench


                           Oil gun


                           Fat gun

                          1 set

                           Key of electrical box

                          1 set




                          1 set

                           Hold button

                          1 set






                           1 copy

                          Bound into books

                           Manual guide

                           1 copy


                           1 copy

                           Hydraulic schematic

                           1 copy

                           Foundation drawing

                           1 copy

                           Packing list

                           1 copy

                          VII.Some repaired of buyer
                          A.The device installation,debugging,pipe laying,wiring,and other work(include foundation embedded parts,secondry grouting) must finished on buyer’s spot.
                          B.Planking and install security fence arround the device.
                          C.Grounding components and other necessary parts.
                          D.Lubrication oil,lubrication fat and so others like before.
                          E.Buyer must operate device to the using manual and other files,or if causes the device demage and other accidents,the seller don’t assume any responsibility.
                          F.Supply 380V/50HZ power input to the main power interface of the device electric box.
                          G.Arrange the worker to do some training on seller’s spot.
                          i.Accepting this machine by 《technology file》,standards currently in effect of rolling machine,
                          standards provide by supply-side before produce.
                          ii.Inspect period: do pre-acceptance by supply-side,send out goods after it qualified. Include verified
                          material and components,inspection reports,inspect size,rolling test,device loading test.
                          IX.Services and promise
                          i.Supply-side in charge of installing machine and do some test.
                          ii.Provide train for demand-side.
                          iii.Two year guarantee,repair forever. Taking your call we will give you reply in 3 hours,7 days supply
                          you spot service to ensure you produce.
                          iv.Main components are prestige product with first-class quality..
                          X.This technical file as the annex of the contract,has law force at the same time. Excepts the changes agree
                          with two sides.


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