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                        • product name: Hydraulic CNC Shearing Machine
                        • Product number:2

                          1. Possessing a speed blades gap adjusting device,permit to adjust the blades gap. Blade clearance adjustment with signs indicating light,rapid adjustment.
                          2. Concise hydraulic control,enhancing highly the reliability. Work area by adopting the fence type safety protection device.
                          3. Aligning by light,helpful to mark out by hand for shearing.
                          4. Reliable safety guards
                          5. Full welded steel structure,stress released,with rigidity and reliable well kept.
                          6. Main frame composes of uprights,worktable,holding-down cylinder and oil tank.
                          7. Blade material 6CrW2Si with hardness HRC58-60,with quality shearing result and long life
                          8. Main electrical components (contactors and switches) are Siemens,Germany.

                          We have following Shearing Machine Models :

                          Our Shearing Machine Pictures:

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                          Our Market:

                          (Our machines have been sold to more than 90 oversea countries,all our customers are very satisfy about our quality)

                          Packing and Shipping :
                          Single package size:398X180X235CM
                          Single gross weight:11500 KGS
                          Package Type:Wooden package or can be adjust for the machine‘s safety

                          Guarantee,Installation and Training Service:
                          1. Our guarantee time is 5 years from B/L date.  If any component is damaged during guarantee time,we can send the component to the customer by DHL,TNT freely.
                          2. Our factory can send our engineer to the customer’s factory install,commission and training freely. The customer provide the double trip tickets,food and accommodation for our engineer. The customer also can send the engineer to our factory to learn the operation and maintains freely.
                          3. Our factory provide the service for the customer forever,if the customer need operation help,can contact us by Skype,Email,Whatsapp,Wechat and Telephone at any time,we provide 24 hours on-line service.

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